• Aren't You Fashion? Try On Oversize

    Not only the couture circle but the fashion circle has devoted particular care to make their designs and matches which are full of enjoyment in recent years. After all, the development of era and variety, public wants to see more distinctive and interesting designs which are also a fashion trend. To learn that two people can look at the same thing and look it differently, and the excellent work isn’t definitely involved with good or bad. It’s the same principle of apparel, you can wear a diff...

  • Fusion Of Tradition And Modernity: Tang Suit

    The “Tang suit” we mentioned is usually refer to the clothes developing from Manchu costumes in Qing Dynasty. As a kind of traditional Chinese costume, Tang suit has its own unique charm. Unlike the western-style clothes which have neat appearance, smooth lines and features natural, unrestrained and easy especially paired with tie or bow tie, the part of Tang suit has natural vertical development without any decoration. The whole clothes are fully propped by the wearer’s strength of character...

  • Men's Linen, Weaving Your Life

    Issey Miyake is a top notch in fashion field. His fashionable dress combines creativity, base, plain, modern as a whole. It seems that he wants to work independent of the high-level fashion in Europe, and his design idea almost can contend against the whole Europe fashion industry. It is a brand new typical design style of future direction.
    His design has directly spread the fabric field. He puts the traditional textile fabrics into modern technology, completes with philosophical thought...

  • When I Have Trouble Telling Male From Female

    So commonly accepted when you bump into those people whose gender you can’t tell. I can say that most teenagers are having a tendency to verge on the gender neutral phenomenon, which is showed on street styles you can notice easily.

    Personally I have absolutely nothing to say about what people w...

  • How To Be A Stylish Man In Summer

    Most of men don’t have many outfits, they wear their only several suits of clothes day by day. However, you still can wear different styles even if you only have several suits. To commence, let’s talk about how to choose the colors of pleasant pants. Navy blue is absolutely the first choice, and it can be paired with anything. Then, khaki pants are totally necessary. Because many boys like wearing dark hues of their shirts, khaki becomes the dispe...

  • Men Accessory Transition: From Ties to Scarves

    As old saying goes, the classic would never date and I assume tie is listed. Apart from the source and origins, ties are universally used among the world. There were a time when men wore ties everyday and everywhere. All of a sudden, then a stream of popular fashion comes to live and men wear scarves more often instead of ties.

    Spring: What Should You Choose this season

    So many Spring fashion weeks on the runway are going on and on around the several fashionable places in the world. Something new and fresh will catch your eyes someway and persuade you into that that is the newest trend and the hottest fashion which you may want to abide by. Now it’s time to quiet your heart and penetrate what’s the basics and something you should give up.

    Let me offer myself to inform you the basics and you’ll apply it in daily life, for sure. What’s the los...

  • Outshine with Blue Hue - Warm Your Heart and Body

    It’s the end of November, the time that freezing weather is so common and frequent, the time that most people hate, well at least I don’t like, the time that we all feel a sense of relief and slow down a bit pace of life. Now I only want to do one thing, just one thing, lying on a couch, accompany with my dog, Perry, make a cup of coffee and enjoy the warm sunshine. A book may add more feelings. Could I bec...

  • Five Looks Show The Trend In Winter

    If you want to look good in summer, we will advise you to exercise. But what about winter? It is very important to know how to layer and mix and match. In recent years, matching formal clothes with casual ones has been popular in order to make men’s clothes looks neither too prim nor rascally. Usually, mixing different clothes together can bring surprising effect. This year, fashionistas sti...

  • Wool Overcoat Weather is Coming

    Fall is officially here and obviously winter is not far away. Actually, in most places there are already are winter and temperature is way lower than that in fall. Winter is an excellent time to bring back your favorite wool-blend overcoat. It’s the perfect time to show off your luxury fabulous overcoat which versatile with every outfit.


  • Winter Must-haves for a Trendsetter of Street Style

    Winter - fashion-abandoned season of a year when even the-always-voguish-ladies sacrifice the elegance or we can say aesthetic considerations to switch on more practical concerns like keeping warm, hot, dry, ect. As to man, a creature who turns into block-headed when being faced with more than three fashion items to match up, he might make himself a mockery on account of his outfits indeed after his ‘elaborate’ plan.

    So thankfully, here we have the solutions. Winter, in Zlay’...

  • Tweed Item-Men’s Wardrobe Staple

    Classic style creates more of an impact in each year’s fashion trends. In order to make durable and warm jacket in 18th century, England succeed in adopting supple tweed material to make it. The classic tweed material has four patterns: plain, herringbone, houndstooth and overcheck tweed.

    Can’t wait to see wardrobe staple of tweed items, come here to see what’s it and how to pull off.

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