• 5 Things No Men Should Ever Wear Again

    Most of girls always have ever been told what they should and should not wear, such as sparkly pants, tube tops, cropped tops, booty shorts and so on, for steering their virgin bodies away from a dress bias. However, it truly can be a little exhausting. Girls think that it’s only fair that men should suffer a similar fate. Yes, it’s true, men have PLAYBOY, FHM, GQ and other fashion magazines to direct them to the proper number of buttons on their suit jacket, but how many average men re...

  • Rules For Men To Choose Trousers

    Trousers can almost be said to be one of the most influential single items, and I don’t think it is an exaggerated statement. There is a saying: The length of trousers decides to your taste. However, it’s quite true. We have gone through a boring quarter, and it’s time to change a dressing habit in the summer especially. Whatever your leg types are, whether you have shank-feathering or not, you also can choose a suitable length of trousers.
    Before French Revolution, only monks and nobil...

  • Tips on How to Wear Backpacks Comfortably and Neatly

    A high-quality briefcase can improve a gentlemen’s whole temperament, easily and naturally. Maybe that’s why so many businessmen and gentlemen would choose a decent leather briefcase over a dignified leather backpack.



  • 4 Must-have Jeans In this Spring

    Denim must be the the most indispensable part in your wardrobe, especially the jeans. The changeable style finished with softness materials, all of these make denim stands out in life-changing fashion world. With the warmer weather for the coming days, how to dress stylish as well as practical is much more important, these 4 styles of jeans we have picked up are going to be everywhere for this season.


  • Ties and Jeans Can Be Friends

    It may feel very odd and weird just thinking that a gentlemen wearing a tie along with jeans. For so many years, it’s bit of douchey, I’d rather to say, when this scene happens to a guy. Time going by, fashion is changing and varies depending on the certain circumstance.

    Seeking for comfort and convenience, more and mo...

  • Lighting Up Your Winter with Colorful Scarves

    In winter, the cold winds always accompany with the dropping temperatures. Women already wore thick scarves to protect themselves from the wind. At this point, don’t still think the scarves is only for women, it’s also available for men. Scarves can helping you a lot, not only protect you from the wind, but also increasing masculine charm in appropriate ways. Even every day, every time, you can wear your scarves in differen...

  • You Need A Versatile Cardigan in This Season

    Are you stumbled by multiple styles of clothes and could not find a way out? Then a piece of cardigan is a must-have item in this season. As a really versatile one, it can be layered over a T-shirt or shirt.

    Camouflage Cardigan + Distressed Jeans

    Style a camouflage cardigan in color of gray white and royal blue with a slightly formal gray shirt and ...

  • Must-Have Items for Men - Denim

    When comes to the versatile staples for men, denim jacket and jeans must be on the first of the list. It seems that every guy needs at least one denim item in the wardrobe. However, durability aside, it’s the model of handsome, sexy, strong and rough, which makes the fashion hunters chase after it obsessively. Just like human, denim also will ‘grow up’ year to year due to the normal wear. That is just the part of charm.

  • Stylish Street Style of White Shoes For Men

    White shoes must be the most stylish shoes in street style. Where the classic style stands tall is in its ability to turn out the white staple in this season. Try the following tips.

    1.Style them with coat
    When the mercury really drops, how to look cool rather than cold matters most. The most simple way to style the white shoes in winter must be a tailed coat. The timeless choice of...

  • Tying a Right Necktie Knot for You

    Necktie is a unique accessory that belongs to men only. However just this small stuff has a powerful function. We have no idea about how many ways we can tie it, but we are clear that not all knots are created equal. Every knot has a distinct character. Size, symmetry and shape can vary greatly from knot to knot. Every knot serves its master differently. Try a few knots. Your necktie will thank you.

    Here is a li...

  • 5 Stylish Winter Accessories for Men to Upgrade

    Standing by the door waiting for your wife to finally come out of the room, you are always wondering why she spends such a long time to get ready, and you wouldn’t understand the argument your wife gives. In your mind, men would never get into the trouble of thinking over what to put on and which bag to carry due to the limited items in your wardrobe. But now in 2015, men should change your ideas and rush into the main force of the fashion and styling.

    Nonetheless, men have ...

  • Five Tips to Update Your Style with a Blazer

    “Fashion is temporary and expensive, style is timeless and affordable”. A blazer is one of the versatile piece at any time, at any places and under any occasions. Here’s five tips to unlock its potential.

    1. With denim shirts

    Bow Tie: Wear or Not?

    Most of people think that neckties are reserved for grooms, peacocks and valets. After having a major comeback, more people would love to keep bow ties one of their favorite accessories. Now you don’t have to wait for an invite to some fancy ball to put on your bow tie.

    Where there’s a dandy, there’s a way. Without considering style, occasion or weather condition, necktie suits all your gear in your wardrobe. I bet you...

  • Chinese Traditional Elements Make Comeback

    When you come across a man in a modern shopping mall who wears traditional clothing, what will you think about it? I did have such an experience. I remembered that I exclaimed without consciousness: Wow, handsome! I could not get my eyes back at that moment.

    Nowadays, everyone holds his own attitude towards fashion. Some people may think that fashion is to discard tradition and step to modern. Vice vers...

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