• Mens Shoes I Would Never Consider Wearing to the Office

    A decent pair of shoe can cover other faults on the way you clad while a pair of individual statement-like shoe could cause the opposite effects. When making people gawk, however, is what you want, these shoes/boots make it happen effortlessly. Personally speaking, these shoes are really not my style. I was once told that high fashion is not just a label but a whole attitude and way of life. Yet I’m an ordinary salaryman commuting to and from work. I can’t see many chances for people like me ...

  • Occasions Determine Which Type of Watch to Wear

    Many people have one good watch that does it all. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you like to change styles to change mood sometimes, or want to build a bit of a watch collection, then here are a few that we recommend for various occasions. I bet you don’t want to turn up to your black-tie event wearing a dinner-plate sized monstrosity, or head to the beach in a beautiful dress watch, so take heed ge...

  • Top 7 Men's Must-have Footwear Styles

    As a master of street snap, Nickelson Wooster is popular among male fashionistas for his versatile dressing style. It’s not hard to find that he pays much attention to the match of shoes.

    The design of menswear is not that much as that of women. Thus, you have to be more careful in selection of shoes. While picking up a pair of shoes, the modeling of it is a primary element that you should take ...

  • Four Styles of Sweater to Stay Warm This Winter

    When temperatures begin to drop in winter, it is a wise decision to stock up on sweaters for the chilly months.

    1. Crew neck


  • 5 Fashionable Down Gilets For Winter

    Winter always get people in a dilemma, wearing too much may looks fatty or too less may easily get cold. Is it possible for men keeping warm in cold days and still be fashionable, then don’t miss these 5 kinds of down gilts.

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