Chinos can make or break your appearance. If you buy chinos that are too small or too small, it will produce a shambolic look that does your outfit no justice. However, the right chinos must match your jacket and shirt; show a complete look that improves your overall appearance. But with so many types of chinos available, ranging in shape, size, color, cut, fabric and design, how do you know which one to buy? The following are five things you must consider before buying chinos:


  • Five Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

    Five Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

    Father is the man who’s been there beside you for years, shaping you into the man who you are today. The love he has been giving us, usually being silent and powerful, is far more different from that gentle and soft love of mother. We may usually express our love to mom, but seldom do we say “I love you” to father. Here is a chance for you to express your love to your father----the Father’s day, which is the most important day showing love to your f...

  • Keep You Cool: The Breathable Fabrics For Summer

    So Summer has finally arrived.
    The sun is out, temperature is up, and you’re wondering how to dress this season and keep you cool.
    If you often overheat and break out in sweat during the summer months, you probably point your finger at the scorching sun and temperature. Well, you’re not entirely wrong, but it might also have another cause. The other cause is poor air circulation. You might be wearing cloths that don’t allow your skin to “ breathe”.
    This is why ...

  • 5 Things No Men Should Ever Wear Again

    Most of girls always have ever been told what they should and should not wear, such as sparkly pants, tube tops, cropped tops, booty shorts and so on, for steering their virgin bodies away from a dress bias. However, it truly can be a little exhausting. Girls think that it’s only fair that men should suffer a similar fate. Yes, it’s true, men have PLAYBOY, FHM, GQ and other fashion magazines to direct them to the proper number of buttons on their suit jacket, but how many average men re...

  • Chic Color Coordination Formula for Stylish Looks

    Everyone always has unique outfits when you open wardrobe. But maybe you don’t have ideas to match all of clothing based on colors. Color wheel only has 12 colors in it, but that means you can combine them in 66 different ways. Color matching is confusing, which would drive you crazy when you get up. This really needs some tips to match clothes. Then are you ready to learn the color coordination formula?

    Navy, camel and brown are not neutrals, bu...

  • Blazer, A Meaning Of Intellectual Under An Ornate Appearance

    Intelligent males not only have bright vision of daily match, but also a standard of fashion. They will possess a nice suit of their own under any circumstances, whether casual wear or sport wear, which is of outstanding changes. Even though the selection of men’s clothing has gradually become popularization from playboy, it’s certainly accepted among people. However, there should be differently matched about formal wear. Now let’s talk about different combinations of blazer, and get a new co...

  • How to Make Your Outfit Look Refreshing For Men

    Clothing is the mark for everybody, not only man, which has great power to attract someone you like if you dress well. Of course, every girl wants in his boy is refreshing and neat appearance first.

    Do you think you have always been considered slightly out of vogue? In fact, what a fashion man wants first is also clean and simple. This article will give you tips on how to make your outfit look fresh. There are 6 simple ways that are very im...

  • How To Choose A Pair Of Suitable Sunglasses Based On Your Feature?

    Glasses are a basic element of regular accessories, especially sunglasses. They will make the best of the both worlds or be as a finishing point. However, all of these are on the premise that you exactly know about your face type. To pick the right sunglasses, you need to confirm your face type firstly. Different types have sunglasses of their own. At this time, we are about to discover how to choose a fitted pair of sunglasses.

    5 Guides for Picking Striped Staples without Looking Like Pajamas

    Many people want to attract other eyeballs by dressing exceptionally rather than drably. However, stripe remains to be a classic element in fashion world for decades, as popular as ever. I always remembered my boy wore a striped shirt and muttered “I look stupid, as if I am wearing pajamas to cocktail hour or just a patient running away a hospital.”

    Maybe you often...

  • We Have Tee In Common With Dad, That's Dad Tee!

    Dad hat has been hitting around the world, there is another dad item---dad shoes. It’s Under Armour Curry 2 Low ‘Chef’ in that too old mannish to be popular among people. How are we willing to focus on daddy’s wardrobe? Such being the case, I have to introduce a dad tee:
    Some people would say: are you kidding me? Isn’t a pocket tee? Of course, is dad hat not baseball hat? How would dad like to wear dad tee? Let’s have a look at The Wolverine:

    Top 5 Accessories to Lift Your Personality in This Summer

    We should try different things, neglecting the fear of failure as it can help you experience something new. Keeping in mind that the best accessory of the man is confidence, whatever new we try must be related to the suitability of it over your body tone, and the types of occasion.

    Detailed accessories like wristwatch, wallet, belt, scarf and bag, can exposed your character and impressed us deeply.

    To Be Fashion At Any Time

    So at this time while summer is coming on, whether you feel there is nothing to wear or not? Let’s go shopping! However, there is another new problem to face----How to wear on the shopping day?
    What should be mentioned on shopping day?
    Firstly, it’s convenient for you to put on and off. Then, wear with nearly any outfit. No matter what you purchase, it can be simply matched and showcase different effect. Third, you need to be freedom of movement. La...

  • Tips On How To Choose Your Business Bag

    Only with a pair of high-quality suit doesn’t mean that you are a fashion man. A decent business bag easily makes you a man of exquisite taste. A man tends to choose a business bag meeting his own style to hold a file or daily things. People of different professions and temperament have preferences for leather bags. We hereby give you some tips to choose your business bags.

    How to Look Elegantly Neat On a Modest Budget

    Most of men always take part in dozens of parties every year. When you are going to some important parties celebrated for job promotion, wedding and graduation ceremony, you may worry about how to dress on these occasions. In addition, the white-collar cannot afford this high-end stable. Now, let’s talk about the fitting and stylish suits at a modest price.

    The suit is a must-have foundation of a strong wardrobe. It’s necessary for many situations, and a man without one is no...

  • Aren't You Fashion? Try On Oversize

    Not only the couture circle but the fashion circle has devoted particular care to make their designs and matches which are full of enjoyment in recent years. After all, the development of era and variety, public wants to see more distinctive and interesting designs which are also a fashion trend. To learn that two people can look at the same thing and look it differently, and the excellent work isn’t definitely involved with good or bad. It’s the same principle of apparel, you can wear a diff...

  • Mens Shoes I Would Never Consider Wearing to the Office

    A decent pair of shoe can cover other faults on the way you clad while a pair of individual statement-like shoe could cause the opposite effects. When making people gawk, however, is what you want, these shoes/boots make it happen effortlessly. Personally speaking, these shoes are really not my style. I was once told that high fashion is not just a label but a whole attitude and way of life. Yet I’m an ordinary salaryman commuting to and from work. I can’t see many chances for people like me ...

  • Fusion Of Tradition And Modernity: Tang Suit

    The “Tang suit” we mentioned is usually refer to the clothes developing from Manchu costumes in Qing Dynasty. As a kind of traditional Chinese costume, Tang suit has its own unique charm. Unlike the western-style clothes which have neat appearance, smooth lines and features natural, unrestrained and easy especially paired with tie or bow tie, the part of Tang suit has natural vertical development without any decoration. The whole clothes are fully propped by the wearer’s strength of character...

  • Men's Linen, Weaving Your Life

    Issey Miyake is a top notch in fashion field. His fashionable dress combines creativity, base, plain, modern as a whole. It seems that he wants to work independent of the high-level fashion in Europe, and his design idea almost can contend against the whole Europe fashion industry. It is a brand new typical design style of future direction.
    His design has directly spread the fabric field. He puts the traditional textile fabrics into modern technology, completes with philosophical thought...

  • Tips On How To Wear Shorts Neatly For Men

    Whether you're aiming to beat the summer heat or ace the look during festival season, shorts are surprisingly easy style for men to wear in the hot summer days. They not only can be wore relaxed, natural and unrestrained but also be paired leisurely and fashionably with your upper outer garments, shoes or socks. So how should we choose our suitable shorts? How can we wear them cool and refreshing without losing the style? And what we should notice when pair shorts with upper outer garments, s...

  • Fastest Ways To Consider Whether The Shirt Fits You

    Many men wearing shirt, is largely based on visual perception to consider whether the shirt fits in his body, rather than according to some details to judge. Most of article introduces how to choose a fitted shirt, long speech and hard to understand. In our fast-paced society, we don't have time and energy to see a large or obscure content, and even if the writing is so elegant. But today I want to talk about that how to choose the right shirt simple and quick. Then let's learn it from ...

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